The use of the electric motor, or other topologies

An electric excitation circuit that is can only be fed from a source of continuous electrical current, called CC, or through a collector rings, or such an electric motor may be powered directly by another switch which is connected to a rectifier and it is in the assembly mounted on the shaft of the machine em3154t.

The three-phase synchronous electric motor can be powered directly by mains, or fed through an electronic power converter and in any of these situations where you need to study the functioning of the three-phase synchronous motor, it is good to start by establishing a motor model, and these models are as varied as possible.

The analysis of the operation of that engine allows you to check the excellent features of this type of engine, and its driver or as a reactive power source., And the use of this electric motor, or other topologies need a satisfaction installation issues, they need also the engine strategy.

Synchronous motor and motor using rings

Electric motor that needs power factor correction are called synchronous motors, the explanations below vm3542:

Model Electric Motor called Synchronous

The electric motors of this model are applied engines which are required to correct the power factor, this type of model has high torques and low starting currents, and contain constant speed under load variations and low cost of operation and maintenance.

Model Electric motor of the new Master Line – M89AF – BT34 AT – TEA 34AC -which use Rings

The electric motors of this model are engines that were manufactured based on two operating steps, these engines have the settings on the motor cooling method when suffering a screeching halt and as to their degree of internal protection and as to their degree of external protection. The electric motor configuration of the master line can be set so that these engines are able to suit operating conditions and the environment, precisely because they have rings of protection around the motor.